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Appenzeller® White Label. No other Appenzeller® is this deliciously creamy: There are those who love a hard cheese and its tart flavour, and those whose sophisticated taste buds appreciate an incredible creamy, aromatic taste experience. No matter what you prefer, you will love Appenzeller® White Label.

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There are about 60 cheese dairies in the Appenzeller region, and local farmers who have only 20 to 30 cows each deliver milk to them twice daily. This is truly a small-batch product. After each delivery, the master cheesemaker then skims part of the raw milk to ensure the closely-monitored fat content of the finished product.


No matter what you prefer, you will love the Appenzeller Rahmkäse - White Label. Thanks to an extra portion of cream and a short aging period of at least three months, this rich and creamy cheese with its smooth texture is still a real Appenzeller. • Free of preservatives and additives. • Free of lactose. • Free of flavour enhancers.

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Appenzeller is released to the market at various stages of maturation. Actually, the Silver label is released at 3 months, Gold at 4-5 months, Black at 6 months and, finally, Purple at 9 months. In addition to the different ages, there is also a White label (3 months and extra cream) and a Green label (made with organic milk).

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Appenzeller cheese, from the Appenzell region in northeast Switzerland, is a hard cow's milk cheese with a rich history spanning at least 700 years. Currently, over 70 dairies make this cheese, each following a unique brine wash recipe. During the curing process, an herbal brine - sometimes enhanced with wine or cider, is applied to the cheese wheels.

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Appenzeller® White Label A rich and creamy cheese sensation. One of the most important Swiss cheese specialities comes from the idyllic Appenzellerland with its untouched alpine landscapes and rolling green hills. Just like 700 years ago, Appenzeller ® cheese is produced in about 45 village cheese dairies following an ancient craft tradition and

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Not surprisingly, Appenzeller is favored the world over, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to come by. Three main varieties of Appenzeller are produced: "Classic" (silver label), aged 3-4 months; "Surchoix" (gold label), aged 4-6 months; and the limited-production "Extra" (black label), aged 6 months or longer.

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Appenzeller White label is a brand new Appenzeller type created by master cheesemakers to meet the new taste expectations of cheese lovers. Produced by adding extra cream to the original recipe, this pale and smooth Appenzeller will melt in your mouth, releasing its rich, creamy flavour.

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Appenzeller® cheese is one of the greats when it comes to cheese specialities from Switzerland. The most flavoursome cheese in Switzerland has been produced by hand in line with old traditions for over 700 years. The gently rolling hills between Lake Constance and the Säntis mountain range with their wholesome, rich herbal meadows provide the.

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As I take a bite of the tangy, nutty Appenzeller cheese, I am transported to the rolling hills and lush valleys of Switzerland. This hard cheese has been

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Gruyere. Flavor. Appenzeller is known for its assertive, spicy personality with herbaceous and floral aromas. It's a more flavored cheese revealing nutty and fruity flavors. Gruyere is a stronger, earthier cheese with a nutty, fruity flavor. Texture. Appenzeller is a semi-hard mountain gourmet cheese.

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Appenzeller has a rich history dating back centuries. Its distinct flavor and production methods have been passed down through generations of skilled cheesemakers. White Label Appenzeller is set apart from other Apenzellers thanks to an extra portion of cream and a short aging period, resulting in a rich and creamy ch

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There are several varieties of Appenzeller. The purple label is aged the longest, at least 9 months. Extra (black label) is aged for six or more months, Surchoix (gold label) is aged four to six months, and Classic (silver label) is aged three to four months. Appenzeller White is aged the same length as Classic but also has added cream.

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Appenzeller White label is an appenzeller cheese made by Mifroma. Other Cheeses by Mifroma. Appenzeller Organic L'Etivaz Aop Tête De Moine Aop Blumenkäse Le Poya Switzerland Swiss Raclette With Truffle Raclette Raclette Smoked Le Gruyère Aop Classic Raclette Organic Raclette Cave-Aged - 6 Months.

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White Label is aged at least 3 months and is equally delicious on a cheese board or melted into fondue! Expect a more subtle bite than the older, more robust Appenzeller—this is mellow, rich, and inf. One of Switzerlands most popular cheeses. Creamier and softer than Gruyere, a bit funkier and aromatic than Emmenthaler.