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Hedgehogs are in the Insectivore family. In the wild, a hedgehog's diet consists primarily of insects. In captivity, our pet hedgehogs need a ration that is a little more convenient to feed than live bugs! The two most important components of a proper food for hedgehogs are high protein and a low fat content.

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The European hedgehog ( Erinaceus europaeus) eats a variety of invertebrate food such as worms, insects (particularly beetles), caterpillars and small slugs. They will also sometimes eat carrion such as roadkill, frogs, small rodents, and birds' eggs.

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We are also COLOR BREEDERS of Hedgehogs! Our herd is on the cutting edge of the latest hedgehog color mutations to the pet trade. The majority of our baby hedgehogs range in price between $250-$350 and price depends primarily on color. HEDGEHOGS by Vickie is a licensed hedgehog breeder by the United States Department of Agriculture.

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Litter Date: 7/7/20. Pet home only. Merope $50. Sex: Female. Color: Cinnacot Quad Badger. Litter Date: 9/8/20. Pet home only. See our baby African Pygmy hedgehogs for sale at Dragonstone Ranch. All pet hedgehogs are pedigreed and bred for health and temperament.

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Exotic Nutrition Berries & Bugs Sugar Glider & Hedgehog Food, 1.5-lb bag. Rated 4.625 out of 5 stars. 24. $14.95 Chewy Price. $18.29 List Price. $14.20 Autoship Price. Autoship. FREE 1-3 day delivery on first-time orders over $35. Deal. More Choices Available. More Choices Available.

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Hedgehogs should avoid ingesting or anointing with anything acidic because it causes upset stomach, mouth sores, and ulcers. The items to strike off your hedgehog's food list includes, but is not limited to: Oranges. Lemons. Grapefruit. Grapes. Tomatoes. All forms of Sugar - Especially Fructose. Raisins.

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Serve your hedgehog nutrition like they'd eat in the wild. Mazuri® Hedgehog Food provides the high protein, high fiber diet your hedgehog craves. Feel free to replace insects in your hedgehog's diet with this wholesome hedgehog food. Designed to support hedgehogs at any life stage. This food contains vitamin E and fatty acids to promote.

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Our selection of hedgehog and sugar glider supplies includes a huge variety of products including cages, bedding, and so much more. Some of our products include: Habitats Bedding Food and Treats Feeders and Water Bottles Toys Habitat Accessories Cage Cleaning Supplies Deodorizers Food and Water Supplies Starter Kits for Small Pets

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5 lb. 16 lb. One-time purchase - $14.95. Subscribe & Save 10% (Autoship) - $13.46. Add to cart - $14.95. Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Complete hedgehog food is an animal-based protein pellet fortified with vitamins and minerals, then blended with delicious dried mealworms. This diet is scientifically formulated to meet your hedgehog's vitamin.

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The world's first high quality, insect-based hedgehog food - and other specialized products just for pet hedgehogs including treats, wheels, enrichment toys, and more! Your purchase supports responsible ownership education and key research to improve the lives of our pets.

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