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Victoria Cast Iron Comal Pan: Best Large Comal. With a diameter of 15 inches (38.1 cm), this Victoria Cast Iron comal can make quick work of batch cooking tortillas. A Colombian company, Victoria has been manufacturing cast iron cookware for over 80 years. The solid cast iron construction means this pan will distribute heat evenly and retain.

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The big benefit of such a large comal is that you can cook three or four tortillas at a time, as well as use it for larger flatbreads like dosa and roti. Or, it works great as a pizza stone in the oven or on a grill. There is a flat, loop handle for carrying and storage, but it can be a little difficult to move around during use. Also, you'll.

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The Mexican comal is an indispensable tool in the traditional Mexican kitchen. It is a large, flat griddle made of clay or metal and is used to cook a variety of dishes including tortillas, sopes, quesadillas, and more. Its versatility makes it an essential piece of equipment for anyone who wants to create authentic Mexican

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Comal Panza Abajo is a stainless steel concave comal, with a depression in the center that is used to hold oil or butter to fry different types of food, use it to toast tortillas, fry fish, heating and cooking a wide variety of your favorite foods and searing juices in meat. The Stainless steel concave comal is a very popular cooking utensil.

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Non-stick heavy-duty cast iron tortilla press and heat-retaining comal pan duo. 8-in tortilla press & 10.5-in flat pan are both larger than average to fit more food. Durable cast iron. Heat & rust-resistant. Evenly distributes heat up to 450°F on any cooking surface. Cook inside or outdoors.

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Place the comal in a hot oven, at least 350 F and bake it for one hour. Remove it, let it cool then wipe off excess residue. Re-apply the oil and then heat it for an additional hour, turn the oven off and then let it cool in the oven overnight. Wipe off any residues and your comal is now ready for use.

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Made In x Masienda Comal. $95. A collaboration with the folks at award-winning Made In Cookware, Comal is a circular-shaped griddle made of blue carbon steel, aka the stuff tortilla puff dreams are made of. Carbon steel is more lightweight than cast iron and heats up more evenly and quickly. It's also perfect for eggs and bacon, steaks, and.

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How to Use and Care for a Mexican Comal. Written by MasterClass. Last updated: Jun 7, 2021 • 3 min read. With a name derived from the Aztec Nahuatl word comalli, a comal griddle is an invaluable, versatile tool in Mexican cooking. With a name derived from the Aztec Nahuatl word *comalli*, a comal griddle is an invaluable, versatile tool in.

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The word Comal comes from the Aztec word Comalli. Today the comal is an integral part of Mexican cuisine and culture that one can be found in every Mexican household and modern kitchen. A comal is a simple, small, flat round or oval griddle or skillet used to cook tortillas, quesadillas, sopes, tlacoyos and other masa foods from Mexico.

Mexican Clay Comal Ancient Cookware

This item: 22 inch Large Mexican Style Concave Comal Griddle Outdoor Cooking Disc Wok Stainless Steel Set Propane Burner Stove and Heavy Duty Metal Stand Tacos Grilling or Stir Fry . $114.49 $ 114. 49. Get it Mar 15 - 21. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by pedrobarry. +

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Heat the clay or cast iron comal over a stovetop burner. Heat on low heat to re-heat tortillas. Heat on medium heat to cook raw tortillas, flipping every 30-45 seconds. Use it without oil to char onions, tomatoes, and peppers. Toast dried chili peppers on it, flipping often and pressing with a spatula.

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Before using a Clay Comal, it must sealed and seasoned to prevent food from sticking, especially tortillas. To season it, put the comal over low heat and slowly bring it up to temperature. Prepare a watery mixture of dry lime (cal) and water and spread a thin layer of the mixture over the entire surface of the comal using a dry towel or brush.

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Mexican Party Fiesta Large Metalic Picado Foil Mexican Indoor Banner- Multicolor. $10.50. Mexican large comal or cast iron plate 17 inches plus handles to make tortillas and blister the chiles. This griddle is for two burners.

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Concord convexed comal is made entirely of commercial quality stainless steel ; Comal has a convexed center for heating tortillas while cooking meats on the sides ; Riveted handles for increased sturdiness ; Size: 21.25" Wide x 2.5" Height. Convex Surface 12" Wide ; Please note: this is a convex comal. The center lifts upwards. NOT DOWNWARDS.

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Wash your comal with soap and water. Then dry well. Rub a small amount of oil evenly on your comal. Try to use an appropriate oil with a high smoke point. Canola or vegetable oil works well. Place into a 375 F oven for about 30 minutes.

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Product Description. The Comal is an essential tool used in many applications such as in preparing tortillas, toasting spices, and roasting vegetables. Length 19in, Width 19in, Height 2in and Diameter 19in. Most Comals sold in the United States are made of Cast Iron, but these are authentic clay Comals made with natural untreated clay (comal de.